A innocent butterfly :(

Oh it’s my fault. Unexpected thing happened No no … I think it’s just a innocent butterfly that I said, but it died few days ago. Now start telling the story 😦
That butterfly which my neighbor gave it to my mom, I dont know why did he catch it Oh maybe it’ went on holiday’ in his house. Think so.
Then mom supposed that it alike a natural creature in wildlife so she has an bright idea. Suddenly she remembered trying putting it on the diary with her friends. It’s the most interesting time she did 🙂 The mysterious tradition of her then she told me what she did. First I feel it good but I also make it hurt. Now the end, dissapointed, violent,…..If I didnt keep it, it would exist. I wanna say” sorry butterfly, if I had an oppotunity, I would leave u. U can fly fly in the blue sky”



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