My little sister’s a memoriable birthday <3

7th December, 2013

What a pity motorbike! My mother’s motorbike is stucked and no one can start it. So my father and my bro must use another  transport to come my granmother’s house. I and mom can prepare something is need. Firstly we went through vincom village and I took some photoes:



Then when I came I saw my little sis learning how to step 🙂 So cute and I also have a present give her. It’s a secret. My mom gave her a coat and short skirt. Then a Christmas hat bought in supermarket I gave a sweetie. Secondly I helped my uncle to cook. wash vegestable,…… to make a hot pot. Oh I seem like it so much cause it’s cold so it’s suitable to eat that. Took a hour to make manything and it’s achievement: 🙂


And zoom 🙂


And now this is main part. Although HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SWEETIE ❤ I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. So my sis is 1 year old:




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