Maybe my life end up right now:((((((((((((((

Thursday,April 25, 2013

I’m suspect that why I’m in trouble seriously. I really made a serious fault that I ‘ve just realized I’m wrong, the time had ended. Noone can understand my emotion now and I’m wondered why my friend don’t persuade or sympathize to me. They also ignore and don’t hear the things which I said to them. Why??????????


If the time turned back, I would correct my mistake. In fact, I had a the same mistake once time and I sweared that I must correct and change. But I don’t know why I don’t change it. If some one made the same mistake like me, they would understand my bad feel. Why people surround me don’t have the worst insituation, I often make it.


First reason: I’m carefulless and allways feel scare of strange things and feel flutter so I don’t find out any way to solute. Bad things


Sencond reason: Don’t never trust somebody the person who I don’t feel believe in. Some people help me enthusianticly and left people always want me to collapse my physical. Belive in myselft


I think I can feel comfortable and have no trouble about something but in fact the things contrary to real. 2 things I must do at the weekend but in my opinion I’m really a bad person, don’t deserve about the things. When I made mistakes I’m always worse and the bad thing which I made was impressed in my brain so make me tire, dishearten. In sum what way I must do make me feel confident the things which I do. Although someone don’t say anything but they always feel hate and disappoint with me.


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