Finally my friends also ended their visit:)))))))))))))))

Thursday,Apirl 11, 2013

That day I stayed at home and sometimes I accessed facebook to dicover their informations.Because one of my friends in class is admin of the group in facebook. I just saw they posted a lot of pictures when they came to the place.In fact I think the time that they travel is shorter than the time that we  went to Hung temple in the first semmester. My class has a guide tour . He is very active and is a joker. He made the air in the bus more better. Especially, they went to this place with a form teacher and the teacher who teches Music fo them in the school. So she celebrated a lot of games about Music. For example, dancing, singing,……………. Now I introduce all the whole tour in that day:



This is a man who is their guidetour. Behind him there is a ghost house


My friends took a lot of photos because it’s the last time to do the great thing esthusiansticly. My fried is Nga is the funner girl:



Viet Son and Phuong Nga. Funner and jokey couple

All of the boys and girls in my class are very naughty. They found out many place to play. A group boys:





Tu Anh is a person who in black shirt. He is so lazy on studying but in my class he is so kind and he always behave like a bumble. Five boys have distinc charater. Noone is the same  but they are so friendly and jokey. My form teacher has taught our for 4 years and we are about not to seperate her to step into another the good school:



And this is my class:



They also wear sunglasses I don’t know why. So stranger. Oh no a boy who is Tuan Phong was sitting in the top of huge rock. He was thinking another thing so he didn’t take a photo with the class. Sometimes he is kind and excessive person. His charater changes awsome way:DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD


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