My classmates’ persuasion

Thursday, March 21 , 2013

Today I felt really tired because my classmates always urge me to go sightseeing. In fact in this term my headmistress hold a visit for all the students in my school. In the first term had a bad feeling when I was sitting in the passenger car. I felt carsick and got a headache and wanted to go out immidiately. But my friends were talking so much around me.:((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. When I came I still felt tired but I try to go on. Had a good tour with my friends in Hung temple

tải xuống

And we took alot of photos together. A tourgide celebrated a game. Many classes took part in this game. Dance ” Gangnam Styles” of PSY. Some students was consident to attend. Other left students sat a top of the moutain and listened this song during our lunch



So last days I didn’t go although I think it will be funny. But I have a special reason. In the broke time my friends surrounded me and persuade me to go. Continued to persuade and still go on, gon, go on…………………so on. Go to this place:

tải xuống (1)


I really want to go there. I know all my clalss will be happier if I go. Many tourists were attractive by the parks, entertainment,………. And I imagine that all students in Sai Dong’s secondary school will be riot, comfortable when they will attend in many games. FINALLY I REALLY THANK FOR PERSUASION OF MY FRIENDS ALTHOUGH THEY AREN’T THERE. :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))



This picture was taken on the top of the Hung temple. And it was installed the my group’s home in Facebook.