The Woman’s Day is celebrated in my class by a group called” The naughty boys”

Friday, March 08, 2013

Today is special day but now the air in class so quite, peaceful………………WHAT’S HAPPENNED? Don’t imagine After I had breakfast with my friends in the school. While I was eating noodles when school guard beat the drum. I hurried eat quickly but I can’t. Although past 10 minutes then I came back to the class. So quite. Different from the regular days. The class isn’t noisy and animated, the naughty boys often go out or run out when the teacher prepare to come in the class. A little action is so great that 5 boys gave my teacher gifts or red roses. The happiness is appeared in the teacher’s face. She seems to be moved. Then all class clapped the hand loudly =D

Past 180 hours don’t have anything amazing action. Before I go to school, I will go to the board and answer the questions that the teacher give me. I don’t scare because I prepared certainly at home. Unbelieveable she didn’t called my name and she didn’t ckeck. SO DISSAPIONTED!!!!! In the biology lesson most of student felt asleep and didn’t want to study. But I felt alert . I saw overall the class such as wood is dead………….Finally in the last lesson the group boys called”naughty boys” held the fun performance. They isn’t coward in ordinary days in the special day they is so selft-motived. All the girls and the teacher is so happy and proud of them. I will remember this day. It is so significance. Greay the last grade- grade 9. I must make a highlight this sentence”’ PROUD OF THE NAUGHTY BOYS SO MUCH”. 🙂  =D



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