Free teacher. LOL , He gives our class a free in physical education.

Friday, March 08, 2013

A new, old teacher has just come to my school.  Although Mrs. Huong who teached me about physical education. In fact she’s very severe my classmate always scare of her. I think she’s just servre when I’m in the lesson but when we know firsly that today we must run around the school yard. Immidiately we can told the techer” Today I’m so tired” or ”I’m get stomachache” and many reasons. THOUGH WE THINK ANOTHER REASONS TO RELAX………………….

She doesn’t say anything and agrees. But the students who are off the lesson Mrs. Huong often tell us” You must onduty today” So disapionted. At the last, we must bring the chair in my class, put the equipments in the gym orderly. In sum I and my class don’t like studying physical educatiom. My new teacher is Mr. Giap. Different from Mrs. Huong he is so easy in the lesson but he’s hard  when we want to be off.So happy each lesson lasts 45 minutes but we just study for 10 minutes then we sit under the trees and have conservation together.When the teacher move to my school most of time we can relax . I really like studying physical education best. THANK MY FREE TEACHER SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My school is………………………..425411_349515961783881_1365448603_n


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