Busy days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Someday I always go to bed  early about 10.00 o’clock.  So I can’t study all projects because my mother let me sleep with him. Outside the sky is dark, doesn’t have any stars. The strong wind make the trees is being on the fifth floor is collapsed strongly. I am so awesome. This thing make me awake up. It 4.00 o’clock and immidiately I decided to go bed again. I had a plan I must be do excersies after I lying on the bed.  Next week I am having a lot of test so I must study certainly to get good marks. Better than first term. TRY TRY TRY AND TRY……………………. I want to be earn much money and there are many people admire me such as Taylor Swift. She always try and earn much money to live alone. I want to good at English to have conversion with foreign people. Must believe to me. I have just watched Taylor’s show in Las Vegas. Everyone welcomes her with open arms so heartily. Famous like Taylor Swift. So friendly, she was singing and shaked people’s hands. Nice greeting. Now I must study Math to do test perfectly this afternoon. Goodbye wordexpress


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