Great day when I was alone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nowadays, my parents always go to the Gia Lam hospital to visit my little sister. Yesterday I must study English all days to prepare to do English test . At lunch I had a lunch qiuckly to go to upstair to revise English lessons. In the morning I was coppying the test to do again through the internet when my friends called my name. Be cause at the time is too late to go to the school. Finally I haven’t finished this test. So I must complete this to revise. I think I had half a hour It’s really quick that I couldn’t imagine. Immidiately I hurry to turn the computer on to finish a quater of test. I used the computer for 15 minutes then I decided to turn it off  because I think the time will be short if I don’t use it suitably. I revised the listening, writting, reading kills then I went to school. In the class Mrs. Minh gave us execises to do competely. I wondered ” I will achieve red 10 mark through this test”          diem10

At 6 o’clock I watched the film and laughed loudly when I saw a joke detail in the film. Happily my parents also went to the hospital to visitmy little sister. I wa alone with my brother, At 10.30 I must so to sleep because my brother allowed me. I think at 11 o’clock I would awake and write my blog by English but no. SORRY MY BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today is great I can watch 1D’s interview at Brit Awards 2013. So great!!! Especially Louis is vey naughty. He makes me laughed. So must be polite!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t recital SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!! I will always try to study hard to achieve huge , great things I want. I really admire One Direction, Taylor Swift because they too famous and they have a lot of fans from Many countries. Taylor wore black dress and One Direction could awards global sucess awards:

one-direction-brit-awards-2013-performance-watch-now music-brits-2013-one-direction-2 images (2)

Taylor is pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




little mix:



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